Saturday, March 8, 2008

Margarita Cheesecake

Remember that Tex-Mex night I had? Well, I need to have one again. I’m working on supplies, although today at the store I saw some cheddar (I know, it’s nothing compared to Velveeta, but it could be a good substitute). Anyways, I still haven’t posted about the dessert we had. There are a couple Mexican desserts that come into my mind, but once again, it’s hard to find the ingredients necessary, and they’re nothing that will blow your mind. If I were to make something Tex-Mex, it would be sopapillas (delicious fried, puffy tortillas covered with honey) or tres leches cake, but you know how I’m partial to cheesecake. I just took this as another opportunity to expand my growing cheesecake menu.

Some people might disagree with me, but you can never have too much Margarita. I’m not speaking strictly of the drink, and this is why I don’t say ‘too many.’ I wanted to make a margarita cheesecake, which I thought would be fairly successful and simple. Most plain cheesecakes are flavored with lemon, so why not put lime instead, and then add a few extra flavors, like tequila and salt? At first I thought of putting all the flavors in one layer of cheesecake, but I realized that alcohol usually doesn’t come out very strong after being cooked in cheesecake (I’ve experienced this before. You have to use a lot for a little flavor). Not that I want to put people over the edge with the dessert, but I want you to know you’re eating a margarita cheesecake, not a lime cheesecake that tastes a bit like something else. The solution? Salty crust, lime cheesecake, and a shot of tequila (this last bit was a stroke of genius on my part at the last minute, before I had been thinking of doing a separate layer of tequila). The only problem is that shot of tequila might be hard to get down after a dinner already laced with margaritas, but it’s nice to sip on between bites.

I’m just going to link back to my first, plain cheesecake because you basically follow that recipe to a tee, with a few exceptions, which I’ll note below. iAndale!

Margarita Cheesecake

Follow this recipe with the following changes:
-In the cookie and butter mixture for the crust, add about ½ - 1 tsp of salt (or as much as you can handle. I put in a whole lot, and you could definitely tell, but it was balanced with the rich, fatty cheesecake, and of course the tequila)
-In the cheese mixture, instead of lemon, use the juice and zest of 2-3 small/medium limes, and a drop of lime flavoring if you have it

Now serve with a shot of tequila (I think silver would go down smoother than gold, but it’s your pick), and remember to sip slowly…

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